The Monster of Me

“The Monster of Me” series seems the obvious evolution from an earlier self portrait photo series entitled, “Not Quite Myself.” The idea behind the photos has taken on a darker, more graphic novel inspired feel in this latest incarnation. Each piece represents a visual separation of mind and person allowing a vulnerability, an ugliness free from self awareness.

These mixed media works are mounted on canvas incorporating prismacolour fine point ink drawing or acrylic painted images, segments of 1940's original NY Locomotive blueprints, Russian annihilation narratives, cold war conspiracy theories, morse code messages, excerpts from political & artistic manifestos NY Times mutual funds sections, fabric swatches, small clothing diagrams from 1940's dress patterns as well as actual pattern fragments, pieces of 1950's radio network ads, additional type written text printed on onion skin WW II airmail paper using a 1952 cursive font Smith Corona Electra. Each piece is sealed in hard coat clear resin.

Fine Art: Mixed Media on Canvas