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The inspiration for this Retune violin stems from my mixed media series, The Monster of Me," part of an experimental facial collage photo series I have been working on this year – which is showing in East Nashville at Bongo Java during the month of October. “Not Quite Myself” asks the viewer to deconstruct and consider the elements of what makes us – just as each piece in the series brings about a visual separation of mind and person creating a certain vulnerability, an ugliness free from self-awareness. The answers to consider in the context of Nashville’s May 2010 flooding; our instrument or the music we make with it.

Materials Used/Dimensions:
Violin. Approx. (length body/total) 14"/ 23"
Acrylic paint, encaustic wax, carbon paper, 1916 sheet music.

The surface area on the front of the violin was first sponge painted with a dark brown stain and then using spiral stencils it was sprayed with a black thin layer of paint – this is still slightly visible only on the neck of the instrument. Portions torn from a page of 1916 sheet music were affixed to the violin at the base of the neck. The entire violin was then covered in a very thin layer of encaustic wax seal. The image of the face was etched into the wax using black carbon paper then each detail was retraced with a toothpick and scenic glue, creating a raised texture. The entire instrument was dry brushed in an antiqued gold, thin burgundy and deep brown acrylic before painting over the raised portions of the image again with a matte wrought iron black acrylic paint and finally sealed in a clear layer of acrylic.

This item will be up for auction on October 23, 2010 go to for more details.

Retune Nashville