“Diving Deep to Reach the Surface”

The inspiration for this Retune (*Keb Mo) Banjo began with my poem "Diving Deep to Reach the Surface," written in the cut-up method used by William S. Burroughs. I rearranged short words and phrases from a collection of Sunday NY Times that related to the general emotion surrounding the flood. Using a base of recycled paper, I chose imagery which best spoke to the stark wrath of nature, how deeply the waters affected families as well as the community. The transparent image of the old showerhead raining down on the woven fedora hat serves as a reminder of the creative flood following the floodwater.

Please note: *This may have been Keb Mo’s Banjo, though it is speculation based on the instruments this arrived with at Retune Nashville.

Materials Used/Dimensions: Approximately 13” Diameter banjo.
Recycled paper, red vinyl number, transparency paper, high gloss acrylic spray, encaustic wax, cut out text from a collection of Sunday NY Times.

The finished art was sprayed with multiple layers of a UV protective seal as well as a high gloss acrylic before the final layer of encaustic wax was used to mount and seal it to the actual Banjo skin.

Retune Nashville